Kent Thompson is a designer and builder of sustainable systems in the Sacramento area. He specializes in green roofs and greywater systems, working to integrate living components into our built environment.

Pipe Dreams Greywater

Greywater systems offer a simple way to dramatically reduce your water use by diverting your household wastewater to your landscape.  Greywater irrigation can reduce your water use by thousands of gallons a year, avoiding energy and chemical intensive conventional wastewater treatment.

Laundry to Landscape

A laundry to landscape system uses your washer’s pump to move laundry greywater to the landscape.  It’s the simplest and least expensive greywater system that we offer.  For most households, laundry greywater adds up to thousands of gallons a year.

Branched Drain Systems

A branched drain system allows you to put all of your home’s greywater to use. Showers, bathroom sinks, and laundry are plumbed to irrigate your landscape.  This type of system has low maintenance, making it easy to reuse your greywater. Our services include design, permitting, installation, and maintenance of these systems.

Site Consultations

Evaluating your site is the best way to see if a greywater system is feasible and appropriate. Contact me for details.

Vegetated Roofing

Vegetated Roofing, in collaboration with Ecologic Builders, offers design, construction and maintenance services for green roofs. Our work has focused on adapting green roofing technology to the Central Valley of California’s climate.

Benefits of Green Roofs

Benefits of a green roof:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Increased durability of a roof
  • Added growing space
  • Reduced sound pollution
  • Improved fire retardation
  • Stormwater management
  • Moderation of the urban heat island effect
  • Cleaner city air
  • Increase biodiversity
  • Beauty

Measuring Performance

A few years ago I used data loggers to measure temperature differences between my green roofed attic and my neighbors asphalt attic.

Several friends of mine work in energy efficiency and recommended HOBO data loggers.  They’re amazing and inexpensive.  I set mine to measure temperature hourly for several months.

hobo data loggers

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 7.56.29 PM

The results were good.  The green roof attic was on average 26 degrees (F) cooler.  The ‘blip’ in the data in early June was a rainy day.

Natural green roofs

My design philosophy for green roofs is to create the conditions necessary for a thriving plant community and minimize required later intervention. This requires careful plant selection and adaptation of green roof best practices to local climate. Ask me what is possible for your project!


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